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HTTP Public Key Pinning is a controversial mechanism that provides site operators an incredibly powerful defense mechanism. With the ability to 'pin' public keys you can protect yourself from rogue certificates issued by a hostile CA.

The mechanism is controversial though. With such a huge amount of power, and an equal amount of complexity in deploying it right, many sites have struggled to do it right and talk of deprecation is circulating. Chrome has already removed support for the HTTP header in January 2019.

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Key Features

HPKP serves a very specific purpose, to protect the host against mis-issued or 'rogue' certificates. Even with a CA acting in concert with an attacker can't issue a certificate that will be trusted by the browser when presented with a valid HPKP policy.

  • Easy to enable

  • Difficult to configure and maintain

  • Discover rogue certificates for your site

  • Prevent abuse of rogue certificates

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Enabling HPKP Reports

Whilst enabling HPKP is easy, you simply return a the HTTP response header 'public-key-pins', knowing which values to pin and why can be extremely difficult.

Pinning at the leaf, intermediate or root levels offer varying degrees of protection and difficulty in maintaining the policy. Understanding which you should pin at and why, if you should pin, is a task for those with extensive experience in the Web PKI.

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