XSS Auditor, your last line of defence

Many browsers have an XSS Auditor built in that can detect and neutralise attacks

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Many modern browser have an XSS Auditor built in and their job is to detect and stop attacks taking place against your users in the browser. What better last line of defence is there than recruiting the browser to stand guard over your visitors?

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Key Features

The XSS Auditor is easy to configure and deploy reporting for. The reports sent also contain the attack payload so can act as a great source of information.

  • Easy to enable (often on by default)

  • Simple to configure

  • Reports contain attack payloads

  • Neutralise detected attacks

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Taking control of the XSS Auditor

Depending on which browser your visitor is using, they may already have the XSS Auditor enabled by default!

If they don't then enabling the auditor, configuring it and activating reporting can all be done with a single line of code/config.

The browser is your last line of defence and whilst it can't prevent all attacks, it can certainly prevent some.

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