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We help you to deploy and monitor a wide range of security features

Automatic Browser Reporting

Enable your users’ browsers to automatically
report security threats

Attack Detection

Detect web application attacks from the moment they begin

Centralised Monitoring

View your web application’s historic and ongoing threats in a single unified portal

Why choose us

We are the best real-time monitoring platform for cutting edge web standards. Our experience, focus and exposure allow us to take the hassle out of collecting, processing and understanding reports, giving you just the information you need. Did you know your customers' browsers can automatically send you all sorts of useful information about the security profile of your site?

Why choose us

Modern web standards enable the browser to tell you when you've misconfigured features such as HTTPS.

If you deploy HTTPS on your site but don't serve all content over HTTPS too, including content like images and stylesheets, the browser may present a warning to the user and even block the content from loading. Are your visitors getting warning messages you don't know about?

The browser can tell you when an attacker is attempting to exploit your customers and indeed they can even tell you when those attacks have been successful.

There are various different ways attacks like this can happen including Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and more recently we've seen browser extensions turn rogue and attack their user. You can learn about these attacks in real-time and respond quickly.

Is your website compliant and ready for the latest generation of web standards? The browser can tell you whether or not you meet these standards before they come into effect.

In 2018 a new web standard came into effect called Certificate Transparency, is your site compliant? You can ask your visitors' browser to analyse your site and check if it's compliant. If you aren't, the browser will submit a report detailing the problem.

There are existing web standards already supported by many sites today that provide us better security and performance. It's easy to monitor your ongoing usage of these standards.

One of the easiest ways to boost the performance of your site and protect the privacy of your customers is OCSP Stapling. With monitoring enabled you can ensure that you continue to properly deploy and support OCSP Stapling by obtaining live feedback from the browser.

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37k+ Domains Monitored
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1k+ Alexa Top 1M Sites

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