Are your users experiencing
your site how you think?

Web browsers can selectively disable features on your site, resulting in a worse user experience.

Intervention Reports

  • Browsers can intervene for performance reasons, like refusing to load assets
  • If actions cause a security concern, the browser will intervene and stop them
  • Browsers do not want to annoy users, so intervene and prevent functionality

Easy Setup

As part of the Reporting API, Intervention Reports can be enabled with a single line of code or config on your website.

If a browser intervenes and blocks any functionality on your site for security, performance or user annoyance reasons, you will receive a report.

Configurable Sampling

The Network Error Logging mechanism provides a native sampling mechanism for send reports about failures.

This means you can easily prevent a flood of reports if you have a widespread issue, but still get the reports you need.

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