Data Loss Prevention

What is DLP?

DLP is a strategy that comes with many technical solutions, but forms part of an organisation's overall approach to preventing the loss, leakage or other misuse of data through data breaches, exfiltration or other unauthorised actions.

To be effective, data must be protected whilst being processed, being transported and being stored, more commonly known as Data In Use, Data In Transit and Data At Rest.

How can Report URI Help?

Using a Content Security Policy, organisations can access a powerful protection on client endpoints that will ensure data cannot be exfiltrated from the browser to unauthorised locations.

As a website operator, you may handle sensitive data like credentials or payment cards, PII for customers or business critical data, all of which can be stolen straight out of the page.

What do I need to do?

Report URI has created specific tooling to focus on this problem and Data Watch is our most relevant Product.

By monitoring and alerting on the locations to which your site is sending data, you can quickly become aware of new locations that your site is sending data, possibly indicating an unauthorised exfiltration.

DLP technology seeks to address data-related threats, including the risks of inadvertent or accidental data loss and the exposure of sensitive data, using monitoring, alerting, warning, blocking, quarantining and other remediation features.

- Gartner

How we can help

Getting started with Report URI is easy, and we can quickly audit all of your existing data exfiltration endpoints to see if they are expected and authorised.

Once a baseline is established, our Data Watch product will monitor and alert you to any new locations that your site is sending data.

In addition to this, we have a selection of features and tools that will help you get started with CSP and work through to enforcing a policy across your whole site, but please reach out to if you need more information.

Data Watch

Data Watch will monitor all of the locations that your webpages are sending data to. If your website starts sending data to a new location, it could be the start of a Magecart attack.

With Script Watch and Data Watch combined, you can monitor for clear indicators that your site has been compromised. Attackers will always want to inject their hostile JavaScript, and they'll always want to exfiltrate their stolen data.

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Script Watch

Script Watch will monitor all JavaScript dependencies across your entire site and immediately notify you of any changes. A new JavaScript dependency could be the start of a Magecart attack.

Because Script Watch leverages the browser native Content Security Policy, there is no code or agent to deploy and running in the browser means we analyse your site in real-time as your users are browsing. We don't have the same limitations as external scanning services such as authentication or pay walls, geo-sensitive content or an attacker potentially serving safe content to the crawler.

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The CSP Builder

All Content Security Policies will need to be tweaked at some point. New resources may be added to the site or old resources removed, and the policy needs to be updated to reflect those changes and kept up to date.

You can import your existing policy into the CSP Builder and use our fully featured tool to make any changes that you require right there in the UI. When you're done, hit Generate, and the CSP Builder will provide you with your new, updated policy.

CSP Builder

The CSP Wizard

We often find that creating a CSP is the first difficult step that organisations face. Having a complete list of all resource dependencies across your entire site like images, scripts or styles, from both 1st-party and 3rd-party locations, is tough to achieve.

The CSP Wizard was created to solve this problem, and in seven days or less, it can you give a complete list of all resources used across your entire site.

With the list of all resources you use on your site, and our easy to use tool, creating a viable Content Security Policy is easier than ever with just a few clicks.


Threat Intelligence

We subscribe to various feeds of Threat Intelligence data, along with managing our own internally generated feeds, to keep apprised of the latest threats that exist online.

Using this Threat Intelligence Data, we can better analyse the sources of JavaScript on your website and detect malicious activity sooner.

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Content Security Policy

Script Watch and Data Watch will allow you to rapidly detect and respond to a Magecart attack and combined, that capability puts you ahead of the field. If you want to take it a step further, Content Security Policy can mitigate a Magecart attack and stop it from even happening.

Deploying an effective Content Security Policy can be difficult, but our CSP Reporting allows you to gather feedback and safely test a policy before deployment. Once deployed, an effective Content Security Policy will block a Magecart attack and stop the hostile JavaScript from even running.

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