COEP, assess embedded resources on your site

Cross-origin resources must be explicitly permitted with either CORS or CORP.

Our Platform

Cross-Origin Embedder Policy allows you ensure that all cross-origin resources are using either CORS or CORP to be loaded.

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Key Features

COEP will prevent your site from loading any resources that have not explicitly granted permissions using either the CORS or CORP HTTP response header:

  • Easy to enable

  • Simple to configure

  • Allows strict monitoring of cross-origin resources

  • Detailed information allows for rapid debugging

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Deploying COEP Reporting

COEP Reporting is configured via a HTTP response header called Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy.

COEP has a safe 'testing' mode that allows you to gather feedback with no risk.

After a period of monitoring you can enforce the COEP policy, or, continue to monitor on an ongoing basis.

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