Monitor Data Exfiltration
in Real-Time

Get notified as soon as your website sends customer data to a new destination.

Data Watch

  • Tracks all Data Exfiltration Endpoints in real-time
  • Detect when data is sent to a new destination
  • Receive email notifications immediately after a change
  • View a full audit of Data Exfiltration Endpoints at any time

Easy Setup

You don't need a fully operational Content Security Policy to get started with Data Watch. This makes it quick and easy to start tracking Data Exfiltration Endpoints right away.

View our Data Watch documentation page to see how you can get started with only a single line of code or config.

Where are you sending data?

Your account dashboard provides easy access to all of the information about where your website is sending customer data.

This includes information on when you first sent data there, when you last sent data there and how frequently your site is sending the data.

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