Mixed Content, an easy mistake to make

Sites across the Web are moving to HTTPS, make sure nothing gets left behind

What is Mixed Content?

Many sites are moving, or have moved, to HTTPS. It's a phenomenon that's gripped sites the world over in recent years and it's more crucial than ever to secure the network.

Delivering a page over HTTPS is the goal, but pages can contain tens or even hundreds of resources, all of which need to be loaded over HTTPS too.

On large sites this can be a difficult proposition so we have a solution to allow you to monitor for, and be alerted about, mixed content on your site.

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Content Security Policy

An example of mixed content

Problems with Mixed Content

The scenarios vary from bad to worse, depending on what type of content we're dealing with, but none of them have a desired outcome. The best case is that the user will receive a warning or some indicator in the UI, some functionality could break or at worst, it could introduce a security concern.

Migrating sites can be difficult, especially with legacy content, but there are tools and features available to make it a lot easier and safer for you.

Content Security Policy

CSP allows you to control what resources are allowed to load on your site and you can also control whether they are allowed to load over HTTP or HTTPS.

With a simple CSP deployed in Report Only mode, you can effectively detect and report on Mixed Content. Every visitor to your site will report back with any Mixed Content that they find.

Report volumes should be low as you will only receive reports if there's a problem on your site, at which point you can fix the underlying cause.

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