Website TLS

Ensure better performance and
privacy for your visitors

OCSP Stapling is essential on modern websites.

OCSP Stapling

  • Improves performance of your website with faster connections
  • Removes information leakage to protect the privacy of your visitors
  • Should be considered essential on any modern website

Easy Setup

If your servers already have OCSP Stapling configured, you can enable OCSP-Expect Staple Reports with a single line of code or config.

In the modern Web, privacy and performance are considered essential, and OCSP Stapling improves both.

Detect Issues

For the most part, OCSP Stapling will work reliably and you won't experience any problems, which means you won't receive any reports.

If there is an issue though, you want to know about it quickly so you can work to resolve the problem. OCSP Expect-Staple Reports alert you to a problem, fast.

Related Features

Alongside enabling OCSP Expect-Staple Reports, you may like to further improve your security with the following features.

Certificate Transparency

Track the issuance of new certificates for all of your domains.

CT Monitoring
Expect-CT Reports

Monitor and ensure that your certificates are working properly.

Expect-CT Reports