Powerful Monitoring
and Protection

Report URI has the best, purpose built platform for receiving and monitoring Content Security Policy reports.

Key Features

CSP has many, powerful features, and we can help you harness them quickly.

  • Defend Against Magecart Attacks
  • Restrict the loading of any content type
  • Control where data from your site is sent
  • Detect and fix Mixed Content
  • Stop Click-Jacking Attacks

What is Magecart?

A Magecart attack is where attackers find a way to get hostile JavaScript into your website that then runs in the browsers of visitors to your site. Designed to steal credit card details and other personal information, a successful Magecart attack can be devastating.

View our dedicated Magecart solution page for more detailed information.

Monitor your dependencies

It's now easy to monitor changes in your JavaScript dependencies and receive an alert as soon as they happen. You can immediately investigate if new dependencies are expected, or possibly the first sign of an attack.

Our Script Watch product allows you to have monitoring setup in minutes, even if you haven't created a Content Security Policy yet!

The CSP Wizard

We often find that creating a CSP is the first difficult step that organisations face. Having a complete list of all resource dependencies across your entire site like images, scripts or styles, from both 1st-party and 3rd-party locations, is tough to achieve.

The CSP Wizard was created to solve this problem, and in seven days or less, it can you give a complete list of all resources used across your entire site.

With the list of all resources you use on your site, and our easy to use tool, creating a viable Content Security Policy is easier than ever with just a few clicks.


The CSP Builder

All Content Security Policies will need to be tweaked at some point. New resources may be added to the site or old resources removed, and the policy needs to be updated to reflect those changes and kept up to date.

You can import your existing policy into the CSP Builder and use our fully featured tool to make any changes that you require right there in the UI. When you're done, hit Generate, and the CSP Builder will provide you with your new, updated policy.

CSP Builder

Related Features

We use Content Security Policy to power many of our features, here are some that you may be interested in reading more about.

Script Watch

Real-time alerting to changes in your JavaScript dependencies.

Script Watch
Data Watch

Track changes to where your website is sending data in real-time.

Data Watch
PCI DSS Compliance

Meet your obligations under PCI DSS 4.0 with CSP and our service.

PCI DSS Compliance
Threat Intelligence

Detect Indicators of Compromise to know if your site is breached.

Threat Intelligence