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There are certain scenarios where it's just not possible to collect information about an error on your site. If your DNS isn't resolving, for example, then the user will see a full page warning and never make it to your site. Up until now you couldn't know that user experienced that issue, but NEL changes that.

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Key Features

Network Error logging allows you to gather information from countless scenarios when the user can't even connect to your site! Ops and SREs need reports from NEL as they cover DNS, TCP, HTTP and more, including reports about:

  • DNS server unreachable

  • DNS name not resolved

  • DNS lookup failed

  • TCP connection timeout/refused/reset/closed

  • TLS Certificate expired/wrong name/revoked

  • TLS protocol/cipher errors

  • HTTP errors, 4xx or 5xx

  • HTTP redirect loop

  • HTTP response invalid

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The largest monitoring network of its kind

Every single visitor to your site could immediately and reliably inform you of problems they encounter, without having to lift a finger.

If the user encounters any of the countless errors that NEL covers, a report will be dispatched by their browser, giving you all of the details you need.

You don't need 3rd party services and servers to monitor your DNS, uptime or application error rates, there are millions of browsers that can help you. The second a visitor sees an error message like this on your site, you'll know about it.

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