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Find out if browsers visiting your site are planning to deprecate any APIs that you're currently using

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There are countless APIs built into browsers that we can use to improve the experience on our sites. What happens, though, if one of those APIs were to stop working due to being deprecated? With Deprecation Warnings from the browser you can learn about any features that you depend on that may soon stop working.

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Key Features

It can be really hard to keep track of what every browser vendor is doing and in which versions. With Deprecation Warnings you can know if a visitor to your site is using a browser that intends to deprecate a feature that you use.

  • Easy to enable

  • Simple to configure

  • Reports give advanced warning of deprecation

  • Further information on deprecation timeline

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Enabling Deprecation Reports

To enable deprecation reports it's simply a case of issuing the Report-To response header, a single line of code or configuration.

You won't receive any reports from your visitors unless you're using a feature that the browser intends to deprecate or is already deprecated.

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