PCI DSS 4.0, time to get serious on Magecart

The first major update to PCI DSS in 8 years requires better protection on payment pages

What is PCI DSS?

The Payment Card Industry set out their Data Security Standard which any site that handles Payment Card Data must comply with.

PCI DSS 4.0, released in March 2022, requires much more strict protections on payment pages that handle Payment Card Data.

Report URI can help you deploy technologies like CSP that will help you comply with the new PCI DSS requirements.

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Content Security Policy

CSP allows you to take strict control over exactly what resources are allowed to load on your site. With full control over script that can execute on your origin, you can effectively prevent attacks like those carried out by Magecart.

PCI DSS specifically calls out Content Security Policy as a suitable mechanism to 'help prevent unauthorised content'.

Many sites that were hit by Magecart would have been better off if they'd had a CSP in place. Not only can we control where script can be loaded from, we can also control where data can be sent!

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