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Expect-CT depends Certificate Transparency to ensure absolute transparency in the Web PKI

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Certificate Transparency is a recent requirement that all CAs log certificates into a public ledger when they are issued. If certificates are not logged into the 'CT logs' then modern browsers will refuse to accept them.

In the event a browser refuses to accept a certificate because it does not meet the 'CT Qualification' criteria, a user will be prevented from accessing your website. Expect-CT reports allow the browser to send a report when this happens.

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Key Features

Certificate Transparency is already a requirement in most mainstream browser so sites already have to meet the CT Qualification criteria. Expect-CT reports allow you to know if your visitors are experiencing issues when visiting your site, issues that you previously wouldn't have known about.

  • Easy to enable

  • Provides valuable information

  • Discover configuration issues with your site

  • Learn about errors your users are seeing

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Enabling Expect-CT Reports

Enabling Expect-CT is a simple case of issues the appropriate HTTP response header and in monitor mode there is no risk or adverse experience possible.

Once enabled you will only receive reports when your visitors experience an error on your site, an event you really want to know about.

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