Website TLS

Ensure your site is working
for all of your visitors

All sites must now comply with Certificate Transparency requirements, does yours?

Expect-CT Reports

  • Check that all of your certificates are CT Qualified
  • Get a report if SCTs are missing or invalid
  • Respond quickly to avoid costly downtime for your site

Easy Setup

Expect-CT Reports can be setup on your site with a single line of code or config and you should always hope to receive no reports.

A single HTTP Response Header is all that is required to enable this powerful monitoring.

Direct Impact

If a user is receiving a browser warning and unable to access your site, the browser will now dispatch a report to let you know.

If this is reliably happening on your site, and you're receiving a large volume of these reports, it indicates a big problem for your users.

Related Features

Alongside enabling Expect-CT Reports, you may like to further improve your security.

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