Fraudulent Email Protection

What is Fraudulent Email?

It's possible for an attacker to send someone an email that claims to be from you, when it actually isn't. This is a Fraudulent Email and if an attacker can successfully impersonate you, the results can be quite damaging.

An attacker can email your customers and make it look like the email is genuinely from you, or they could even email other members of your staff and impersonate a colleague.

How do we fix it?

Protecting yourself against such a serious risk is important and requires a little configuration in the form of setting some DNS records, namely SPF, DKIM and finally, DMARC.

If you use a hosted email provider, they will often take care of providing your SPF and DKIM records to you, and here at Report URI, we provide the necessary value for your DKIM record.

What do I need to do?

You need to set the appropriate DNS records on your domain and then everything else will be taken care of for you.

Email servers that receive emails claiming to be from you will check to ensure that they did indeed come from you and will then report back on the volume of Fraudulent Emails and the action taken with them.

Business Email Compromise, The $26 Billion Scam.


How we can help

By providing an easy way for domain owners to setup and then monitor DMARC Reports, you can detect and even prevent Fraudulent Emails being sent that are attempting to impersonate you.

When configuring DMARC, you can decide whether these Fraudulent Email should be delivered to the Inbox, marked as Spam, or even deleted automatically so the recipient never sees them.

DMARC Monitoring

DMARC Reporting requires that SPF and DKIM already be setup on your domain. If you're using a hosted email provider, this is often easy to accomplish.

A single DNS TXT record is then all that is required to enable DMARC Reporting. You will start getting feedback within 24 hours of deployment.

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SMTP TLS Reports

In the age of GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy focused regulation, sending emails without encrypting them seems unthinkable.

With SMTP TLS Reports you can be sure that all of the emails you send are properly encrypted and protected when sent across the Internet.

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